Fanfiction for all!!!

So far I don't have much of anything to put up here for you all to read but I'm working on it. Anyways the first fic that I'm putting up is from my friend Synchro. (She has a bunch of other names online but this is the main one she uses right now.)

Fanfics by Synchro:

Maverick: This one takes place in the Rockman/Rockman X universe. Forte appears in it..... I'm going to ask Synchro to write a brief intro to this one. I probably wouldn't do a very good job on it... Oh well ^^;;

Prologue, Chapter one, Chapter two, Chapter three, Chapter four (incomplete... er... Why am I posting this if it's incomplete?)

Yay! I'm finally getting some work on a fanfic for the site ^_^ (no name for it yet though ;_;)


Here's a fic that I've actually gotten pretty far in... I've just been lazy about working on it because I haven't been able to find much of the stuff I have for it... Anyways... This is my Slayers fanfic!

Slayers Extra, Episode 01: What? An Unexpected Crisis

Slayers Extra, Episode 02: Whadda Ya Mean "No Pets Allowed"?

Slayers Extra, Episode 03: Is that who I think it is?

Slayers Extra, Episode 04: What's going on? Amelia's the cause?

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