Cat whisker hair performed an intricate dance in the blusterous gust. A city under his feet, its cold light reflecting a sheen off his sleek tar black armor, the mango trim hinting a glance as well. His crimson eyes lay stationary on nothing. The breeze died down in the chill night as he stood one hundred ten stories from street level for no reason he could comprehend. He inclined his head with a sigh before diving forward with skillful grace.

The air screamed past him as he advanced downward ten, twenty, forty, seventy stories. He flipped upright with practiced ease while reaching out his left hand, grabbing the decorative ledges of the structure. The first several crumbled reluctantly under his snow- gloved hand, but soon thereafter he abruptly slung to a stop two floors from the asphalt. Without wasting recovery time from the forceful jolt (as if he needed to recover from any aspect of it anyway) he released his hold to plummet effortlessly onto the sidewalk.

Several witnesses cried out in panic as the scene scattered at his arrival, his reputation obviously being known, or people just knew better by now. He didn't consider himself notorious and surmised it must be the latter, but then again, people are stupid. He didn't care either way, he merely waited for the weak to evacuate at their own anarchical pace. He stepped out into the street before the chaos had been sorted, glaring menacingly with ruby-rust eyes at two headlights accompanied by the bellowing blare of a deep-throated horn. Deftly he retracted his right hand, converting his forearm into a blaster, ready in less than an instant for action. Firing off a burning bolt of light, the entire row of tires on the semi's left were utterly disintegrated in a release of gut wrenching scent- tires, tar, oil, gasoline, mingling together in the atmosphere. The vehicle tripped in a flurry of sparks and screeching as it veered injured into the sidewalk entrances of several corporate offices. The business headquarters shuddered as the truck let loose a wrathful delayed explosion.

The flames played hectically in euphoria along the surface of Forte's midnight armor. A wind cleared his dusk purple hair from his glassy eyes as he surveyed the repercussions of his actions. Turning indifferently, he slowly strode along his original path across the pavement.

"X." Came a fading growl as he was engulfed in shadows.

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