Slayers Extra

Episode One:
What? An Unexpected Crisis

A cat jumps up onto the bed as Kamui snores contentedly. Dreaming pleasant things until...
The door slams open and Lina walks in yelling, “Hey Kamui! It’s time to get up and eat breakfast, and if you don’t I’ll eat your portion!”
Kamui snaps up into a sitting position. “I’m up! I’m up! Don’t eat my food!” He practically screams while rapidly changing into day clothes.
Lina laughs, “I’ll meet you downstairs.” She turns and leaves the room.
A few minutes later Kamui follows. He goes to the table Lina is sitting at and sits down.
“Ok now order us up some breakfast,” Lina said as she handed Kamui a menu. “Make sure you don’t forget anything.”
“Okay.” Kamui looks at the menu for a minute or two. “Hmmm.... Waiter, I’d like to order everything from here to here, triple portions times two.”
Lina and Kamui had been staying here for awhile so the waiter was used to them ordering huge amounts of food.
“Okay. We’ll heave it ready and out here as soon as possible,” the waiter said as he turned and ran into the kitchen to give the cooks a hand.
“Did I leave anything out Lina?” Kamui asked, half expecting he missed an item.
“Nope, you got everything,” Lina said with a pleased look on her face. “You’re learning that it takes a lot of energy to cast spells and the best way to replenish that energy is to eat.”
Kamui sighed with relief. The last time he forgot to order an extra plate of meatballs and she nearly cast a Dragon Slave on him. “Anyway, what do you have planned for today Lina?”
“Well I’ve been thinking either magic training or exploring a cave I overheard about,” Lina said as she pulled out a map and pointed to where the cave was supposed to be.
“Oh no not another one. The last time you nearly re-resurrected Shabranigdo.” Kamui felt there was something amiss about the cave but couldn’t figure out what it was so he didn’t mention it.
“Don’t worry about it. Threre’s just supposed to be a stronghold where a gang of bandits used to run their business,” Lina said waving her hand up and down.
“Um, I guess. By the way, where did Gourry go?” Kamui asked.
“Oh, he’s off visiting someone. He said he’d be back sometime today. Why?” Lina asked, wondering why Kamui brought up that idiot.
“No reason. I was just wondering,” Kamui said as he shrugged his shoulders.
“OH!” Lina exclaimed. “Thanks for reminding me, as soon as Gourry gets back you will start sword training with him.”
Three men came out of the kitchen, arms carrying lot’s of food. “Here’s your order.”
“Oh, thank you sir,” Kamui said and handed the waiter payment for the food while Lina dug right in.
“That’s enough talking for now. We will go to the cave after we finish breakfast!” Lina said between bites.
About an hour or so later Lina and Kamui were on their way to the cave.
“Now remember, keep a telepathic link open with me just in case we get separated,” Lina said as she pulled out her light dagger so they could see in the cave.
“Ok Lina,” Kamui said as he started to open the link. “There. It’s open.”
“Good, let’s go,” Lina said as she started walking into the cave..
They walked deep into the cave until they saw a huge set of doors. Lina looked closely at what was written on the door before trying to open it.
“Hey Kamui! Have you ever seen this language before?” Lina asked while gesturing for Kamui to come closer to take a look.
“Yes, I believe so. I’ll see if I can figure out what it says.” Kamui stared at the runes for a few moments. “Hmmm... it says ‘A warning to those who enter here, this place is cursed. If you enter, bad things will happen.’ I wonder if this warning is real or just meant to scare us off.”
“Only one way to find out,” Lina said while pushing the door open. “After you!” Lina gestured for Kamui to go in first.
“WHAT? Why do I have to go in first?” Kamui practically screamed.
“Duh,” Lina said sarcastically. “You wouldn’t want your beautiful and most powerful mentor to get hurt now would you?”
“Oh, heavens no,” Kamui said as a big sweat drop formed on his head.
“Then get in there!” Lina said gesturing for Kamui to go inside.
“Fine,” Kamui said as he walked inside.
Inside he scanned everything with othersight. (Note: Othersight- the ability to literally see magical energy in one’s surroundings. Only those who can manipulate those energies are able to use othersight.)
As he was scanning, he came across a collar. It looked perfectly harmless to regular sight but to othersight, you could see that there were some pretty powerful magics put into it. “Hey Lina! I think you should come here and have a look at this.”
“On my way,” Lina said as she ran over to where Kamui was.
“I can see strong magical energies in this collar. Do you have any idea as to what this could be?” Kamui said with his hand hovering above the collar.
“Hmmm...” Lina picked up the collar. “I’ll try a spell of identify.” She closed her eyes and cast the spell. “These are really powerful spells. If one were to be deactivated two or three would pop up in it’s place.”
Kamui frowned in thought. “But what are the spells supposed to do?”
“Well they are mostly to nullify any magic used by the wearer and to make sure the wearer can’t take it off. There’s also another one that I can’t tell what it does,” Lina frowned in concentration.
Suddenly Gourry popped in above Lina’s head and fell on her. Incidentally, when he fell on her, the collar latched itself around Lina’s neck.
“Get off of me you idiot!” Lina screamed at Gourry while kicking him across the room. And then she noticed what happened to the collar. “Uh-oh...”
“What is it Lina?” Kamui asked, not liking the sound of that uh-oh one little bit.
“The collar is around my neck,” Lina squeaked. The collar started to flash a little and then engulfed Lina in a ball of light.
“Lina what’s happening?” Kamui yelled, frantically trying to dispel what was happening.
The light subsided until it disappeared. Lina just sat there and blinked.
Kamui stood there staring with his mouth hanging open.
“What’s wrong Kamui?” Lina asked wondering why Kamui was staring. “Do I have something on my face?”
Kamui snapped his mouth shut. “Y... Yo... You turned into a cat!”
“WHAT?!?!?!?!?” Lina screamed with eyes the size of basketballs.
“I think we now know what that other spell does,” Kamui said with his eyes shut.
“It’s kind of obvious you moron!” Lina said in an annoyed tone with her arms... er... forelegs crossed over her chest.
Gourry got up and said “Somebody called? ... Huh? What happened to Lina?” Gourry looked perplexed. “Wasn’t she here?”
Lina jumped up and smacked Gourry on the head. “I’m right here you idiot!”
“Whoa... That’s a neat trick Lina,” Gourry said with a smile. “I didn’t know you could control cats.”
"I can’t! I am the cat!” Lina’s voice rose with every word, claws extended.
“Yeeeeeeee... How did that happen?” Gourry said inching away with sweat drops all over his head.
“I think it’s this collar around my neck that’s causing this,” Lina pointed to the collar.
“Hmmm... I wonder why a fluffy PINK cat,” Kamui said with his hand on his chin.
Lina’s eyes got bigger. “What? ...Pink? ...Fluffy?” Lina fainted right on the spot.
“I think we should go back to the inn,” Kamui said as he picked up Lina. What could have caused this? Sorry to say this but you will have to wait until next time to find out.

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