Slayers Extra

Episode Two:
Whadda ya mean “No pets allowed”?

Kamui, Gourry, and Lina got back to the inn, but when they got there the innkeeper said “I’m sorry but no pets allowed.”
“Excuse me!” Lina yelled. “I’m not a pet! I’m a great and beautiful sorcery genius who got trapped in the body of a cat!”
“Prove it,” the innkeeper said, eyeing Lina dubiously.
“I can’t. This stupid collar has a spell on it that nullifies any spell that I cast,” Lina said in a whiney voice.
“Then the rule stays! No pets allowed!” the innkeeper said angrily. Then he slammed the door in their faces.
About now Lina gets fuming mad. “Grrrrr.... That man was really rude. Once I get my powers back, oooooooo... He’s gonna pay.”
“Uhhhhh... Lina?” Kamui said cautiously.
“What?” Lina said with a look that said... Well... Let’s just say ‘If looks could kill’.
“Never mind,” Kamui squeaked.
“Now we need to find a place to stay for the night,” Lina said.
“Good idea,” Gourry said.
“And once we get there I’m gonna order a huge meal to cheer me up. And you are going to pay for it Gourry,” Lina said evilly with an even more evil smile spreading across her face.
“What?” Gourry yelped. “Why do I have to pay for dinner?”
“Because it’s your fault that I have this collar on,” Lina said, about a hair away from hitting Gourry.
“Why is it my fault?” Gourry asked.
“Because, you idiot,” Lina yelled at Gourry. “You fell on me and caused it to attach itself to my neck.”
“Yes Lina,” Gourry moaned.
“Now let’s just go and find another inn,” Lina said in a tone that implied ‘One wrong word and I’ll castrate you’.
They went to every inn in the city and every single one said no pets allowed.
“Now where are we going to sleep,” Lina whined. “And when are we going to eat?”
An old woman walked up to them and said “I know a nice place where you can stay that allows pets.”
“For the last ti...” Lina was cut off by Kamui’s hand over her mouth.
“Where?” Kamui asked kindly.
“Follow me,” the woman turned and started walking.
“OW... Don’t bite me Lina!” Kamui said while blowing on his hand.
“Then don’t cover my mouth!” Lina retorted.
Lina, Gourry and Kamui had been following the old woman for a long time and were starting to wonder if this place even existed.
Lina asked “Hey lady! How much further until we get there?”
The woman stopped, turned around and said “Right up this way.” The woman gestured toward a pathway.
“Thanks lady!” Lina said as she, Gourry, and Kamui started running up the path.
As they ran away from the woman, her eyes glowed red for a moment and then she disappeared in a wisp of black smoke.
The building the were running toward was huge. What’s worse was that anyone paying close attention would see that the place reeked of Mazoku.
Lina was the first one to make it to the door but she couldn’t reach the doorbell so she had to wait until Kamui got there to press it.
The door opened and there stood a funny looking old man. “Welcome. We were expecting you.”
“Huh? How could that be?” Kamui asked, perplexed at the man for knowing they were coming. “We only just heard about this place.”
“Do not worry about it. All will be explained in time,” the old man said, then smiled. “Would you like something to eat?”
“Boy do we ever,” Lina said with stars in her eyes.
“Then follow me to the dining room. There is a grand banquet for you there,” the old man said as he turned and started walking.
“Oh boy, I can’t wait,” Gourry and Lina said in unison.
Kamui followed and thought to himself How is it possible for this man to know we were coming if we didn’t even know this place existed until just awhile ago? Hmmm... I don’t trust anything about this place.
Pretty soon they got to the dining hall, not room, because it was far too big to be called just a room. The promised banquet was there as if it was just set out. You could still see the steam rising from the plates.
Lina jumped onto the table and dug in with Gourry close behind.
There was only one other person at the table. He stood up and said “Welcome to my home Miss Lina Inverse. I see that the food has met your approval.”
“Most definitely...” Lina said then paused for a second. “Wait... How did you know who I am?”
“Hmmm...” the man said as he put his hand on his chin. “You see, I was the one who put that collar in the cave and I have a link to it that let’s me know who it has attached itself to.”
“Does that mean you are the one who created this thing?” Lina asked, hoping he was.
“Don’t be silly. I’m far too weak to be able to put those spells on it,” the man laughed.
“Then how did you come by it?” Kamui asked, hoping his fears were groundless.
Suddenly Xelloss materialized out of nowhere. “Oh please Zigrain, why do you utter such crap like that. (Although it is true that you are not powerful enough to put those spells on it.)”
“Xelloss!” Zigrain said, surprised that Xelloss found him. “How did you find me? How did you know I took the collar?”
“You mean you didn’t know?” Xelloss said, surprised at Zigrain's stupidity. “That item is so valuable that Zelas placed a very powerful tracking spell on it.”
“Grrr...” Zigrain growled, angry that he didn’t know that. “Then what are you going to do to me?”
Xelloss snickered. “You are to be transported to Zelas for punishment.”
“Wait, Xelloss n...*” Zigrain said as he disappeared.
“Humph... What a troublemaker,” Xelloss said.
“(Under her breath: Hippochrit) Hey Xelloss!” Lina said excitedly. “Do you think you can get this thing off?”
“Oh hi Lina,” Xelloss said trying not to laugh. “Sorry, but even the Beast Master can’t remove this item.”
“Oh...” Lina said, hopes falling like a lead weight. “Damn it, then how will I get this thing off?”
“I donít know,” Xelloss said. “Hmmm... I’m sure youíll eventually find a way to escape from your furry prison. Hereís the good news!”
“What is it?” Lina practically screamed.
“I am permitted to go with you to help find a solution to this,” Xelloss said, opening his eyes. “That collar is too valuable to leave on a human.”
“You mean I’m not worth it?” Lina said extending her claws. Then she jumped on Xelloss, scratching, clawing, and kicking him while screaming at him about how she would be worth having the collar used on her.
*Sigh* I guess she’ll never learn. I wonder if we’ll ever get that thing off of her. Well... It’s definitely not going to be this episode. See ya next time.

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