The ground shook as lighting and fire rained from the sky. People ran in terror trying to escape the destruction.

What caused this? Why is it happening? These thoughts kept running through peoples heads as they fled. Why why why?

If people would look up to the sky they’d see a figure, enveloped in dark light and hear the manaiacle laughter falling upon the city as if there was no sanity left in the source.

The laughter continued until beams of light shot down out of the sky, destroying everything, on their path to their ultimate goal.

The beams of light burrowed deep into the ground speeding closer and closer while up on the surface people were panicking and running, not knowing where to go when finally the lights reached their goal.

The entire planet shook and began to be enveloped in flame as the earthquakes increased in power.

Finally, the planet could not take the stress anymore and it shook one final time.

Then with earsplitting silence, the planet was destroyed…

End prologue

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