Slayers Extra

Episode Four:
What's going on? Amelia's the cause?

Here's a recap on what's happened. We ran into a girl that looked just like Amelia. Then we met up with the real Amelia. She told us that Marina (the Amelia look-alike) was a copy. We found her working in a whore house. Then Marina tells us that Amelia is the one responsible for all this. What next? Lina really being one hundred years old? Let's see.
"Wha?" Amelia stuttered. "How did I cause this?"
"Hmmm..." Marina sneered. "I guess 'Daddy' hasnít told you about me. Fine, I'll tell you."
Marina went over and sat down in a chair. "You see, "I was born Mariana de Seyruun, daughter of Prince Philionel de Seyruun. I was a bit of a trouble maker when I was younger but that does not excuse what they did to me."
"What did the do?" Amelia asked, half fearing what the answer would be.
Marina growled a little. "They made a copy of me and put her in as heir. Can you guess who the copy is? No? It was you! Amelia Wil Tesla de Seyruun. You stole everything from me."
At that moment, something in Amelia snapped. She backed away from Marina and then ran out of the room.
"Wait Amelia," Kamui called after her.
"Don't go yet!" Marina said to Kamui. "Do you want to know why I told her that?"
"Why?" Kamui asked, a hare away from fire balling her.
"Because," Marina said with a hint of hurt in her voice. "I didn't believe my father had told her everything." Marina stood up. ""One more thing, if you are going to Seyruun, I wish to come with you."
"And why should I let you?" Kamui nearly yelled at her.
"I want to see my father," Marina said. "I want to show him what I had to turn to to survive."
Kamui considered for a moment. "Fine, but if you do anything to harm Amelia in any way, I will personally break your neck."
Amelia had run back to the inn where the group was staying, found a corner and cried. Why? Why did Daddy do this? Daddy always says we should strive to be good, justice-loving people, but what's so good or justice-loving about making a copy and kicking out the original? And what's more, He made me think I'm the original.
Amelia stood up. That's it! I'm going to Seyruun to get the truth strait from Daddy!
Kamui and Marina came through the door. "Amelia, we're going to Seyruun. We're going to find out what really happened."
Amelia turned and looked at Kamui. "I had already decided to go to Seyruun, whether you were going or not."
Kamui turned to Gourry and Lina. "Are you going to come with us?"
"You bet!" Lina said. "I just gotta find out what happens... and maybe I'll get some help with this collar."
"Where else would I go?" Gourry asked. "I'm Lina's guardian and now she needs my protection more than ever."
"I'm going," Xelloss said, surprising everyone because they forgot he was there. "I know that Seyruun is a city where white magic is widely practiced (which makes me more than a bit queasy) but I too would like to know what will become of this."
"Ok then it's decided," Kamui said in an athorative tone. "Everyone pack up and let's get going!"
An hour later everyone was ready and they were on their way. Little did they know that someone wanted revenge.
They started going through a forest when Lina notices that Xelloss was a little on edge.
"Hey Xelloss," Lina said as she slowed down to walk next to him. "What's wrong?"
""Hmmm... Oh it's nothing," Xelloss said absentmindedly.
"Are you sure?" Lina said, not believing him one little bit.
"Ha, ha, ha," a voice laughed out of nowhere. "Why don't you tell her that you sense me Xelloss?"
A Mazoku appeared blocking the group's path. He was big, and extremely ugly.
"Zigrain?!?" Xelloss yelled. "How did you escape Zelas?"
"I guess you didn't know I had this little item," Zigrain said as he held out his left hand. On the middle finger was a ring. "Ha, ha, ha. This ring increases my power one hundred fold!"
"How did you get that?" Xelloss said, visibly scared.
"The same way I got the collar," Zigrain laughed evilly. "And I see you've taken a liking to this group of people, Xelloss. I'll start by killing them!"
Zigrain's first target was Kamui, but before he could land the first blow, Kamui's eyes began to glow and a barrier appeared around each person in the group.
Zigrain tried to break through the barrier but failed. "How is this possible? How can a mere elf hold shields against my power?"
Then Kamui started chanting a spell. "Heaven energy release yourself and grant your power unto me..."
White light engulfed Kamui and then dispersed leaving a faint glow around him. Kamui held up his hands and the light focused into a ball. "HOLY FLARE!!!"
Kamui flung his hands forward and the energy ball shot out and scored a direct hit on Zigrain.
"Aaaagh," Zigrain screamed. "H, how did you do that?"
Before Kamui could say anything, Zigrain was engulfed in the white light. When the light subsided, all there was, was a pile of white ash. Then the pile got blown away by the wind.
The barriers around the group disappeared and Kamui collapsed, exhausted from the spell.
"Kamui!" Lina ran over to him. She pawed his face a little and he came to. "Are you all right?"
"Huh?" Kamui looked perplexed. "The last thing I remember is that monster tried to attack me."
"You mean you don't remember?" Lina asked, frankly quite surprised. Now what's going on? He doesn't remember what he did. Damn! See ya next time!

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