Welcome to Synchro's page!

Meet Synchro! The star of this Page ^_^

Are we having fun yet? ^_^

Chaos Shatter

Here's where you'll see Chaos Shatter drawn and created by Synchro ^_^ I fixed everything so that you can view the the comics ^_^ It's all good ^_^

Character Bios

These are some of the characters for Chaos Shatter ^_^

Random Chat 1 Random Chat 2

This is just me Synchro and sometimes Hellmaster chatting ^_^

Synchro's artwork

Synchro's artwork that I've posted ^_^

Please ask Synchro before using her work (You'll find her on IRC most nights in #bngroleplay on whitewinged-angel.com (Yes the server address will change from time to time due to the fact that it's changed a few times since Lynxprowler went down ^^;;) ^_^)

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