Random Chat Part 2

Hellmaster: Garrett, you scare me... or I should say Kamui...

Kamui: What are you talking about?

Hellmaster: *Points to random sticker on Kamui's Laptop*

Kamui: Ah yes that.

*Kamui explains mcdonalds Teacher night to Hellmaster*

Hellmaster: ah that's a good thing

Hellmaster: DAMN only 28 minutes of random chat.

*Kamui smacks hellmaster*


Synchro: Ah he's not dissing hit.

Kamui: Yes he is!

*Hellmaster growls and bites kamui's hand*

*Kamui yelps in pain*

*hellmaster laughs insanely*

*Synchro draws*

Synchro: I'm not getting involved in this.

Kamui: But why not? Isn't it fun to get bit in place of someone?

Synchro: I don't know.... You're the one who yelped.

Kamui: Grrrrrrrrrrrr......

*Waiter refills glasses*

Synchro: Need to draw in the ears

*Kamui looks at pic*

Kamui: Looks good!

Synchro: LIES!!!

Synchro: Hellmaster, Conficsate the laptop now.

*Kamui covets his laptop and burns Hellmaster if he tries to grap his laptop*

*Hellmaster makes Sync grab laptop*

Kamui: It only works if YOU do it Hellmaster.

*Synchro feels up Kamui's laptop*

Kamui: I didn't know you felt that way about inanimate objects.

Synchro: Mmmmmm, fujitsuy goodness

*Hellmaster shakes his head*

*Hellmaster stares*

Hellmaster: Make that Hellmaster glares

Kamui: I told you last time I'm not changing stuff.

Hellmaster: Do I care?

Synchro: NO!

Kamui: Doesn't matter since I'm the one doing the typing

Hellmaster: Synchro gets the square!

Synchro: I call on Whoopi Goldberg.

Kamui: Did I spell that correctly?

Synchro: You're on the opposite side of the table, I can't see.

Kamui: I spelled it: W-h-o-o-p-i G-o-l-d-b-e-r-g

Synchro: I don't have any idea anyway LOL

Hellmaster:was I right about treasure planet

Synchro: I thought it was a good movie

Kamui: I like the movie it waf funny.

Synchri: Kamui is obvously on some sort of drugs

Hellmaster: Kamui's intelligence has dropped 400 points

Synchro: It's like Blitzkreig except that it doesn't have the same meaning

*Kamui notes that he misspelled Synchro*


*Synchro draws some more*

Synchro: This would be the table and I don't have a ruler because I suck

Hellmaster: Use the knife

Synchro: Is that like the fork? or like the force!

Kamui: You're not lame because you don't have a ruler. You're lame because we love you!

Synchro: Oh gosh!

*Synchro face palms*

*Kamui rambles while taking the napkin off his lap*

*Hellmaster stares blankly at the windows above the door*

Synchro: We're obviously very interesting to Helmaster

Hellmaster: they flash

Kamui: You see naked people? WHere?

Synchro: WHAT?!?!? That's so terrible

*Hellmaster glares at Kamui*

*Kamui bursts into burning flames*


Synchro: Is there any bread?

Waiter: Would you like some bread?

Synchro: nah don't worry doesn't matter

Waiter: You're pizza will be out in a moment

*waiter returns with the pizza*

Waiter: I'll be right back with the anchovies.

*waiter goes away and comes back with the anchovies*

*kamui thinks the waiter is cute and also thinks he's the same waiter who helped us last time*

Hellmaster: I think so

Hellmaster: Yes people we're at the same restarant we were at last time for random chat #1 ^_^

Synchro: Cheese cheese cheese! Cheesy cheese cheese!

*Kamui baps synchro on the nose*

Synchro: MMM anchovies!

*Hellmaster smacks Kamui with tail*

*Kamui flies into the wall causing mass destruction in his wake*

Synchro: I think you guys are getting a little off track of reality there.

Hellmaster: No we're not! OMG It's GODZILLA!

*SYnchro in <location decidedly ommited>*

Synchro: I likey the anchovies!

*kamui glomps synchro*


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