Synchro-Chan's Artwork ^_^

Here's a pic of an original character that is called Kamui Shinjo: Freelance Reploid Mage done by Synchro (the character is mine but the pic was done by Synchro ^_^)

Here are three flowers done by Synchro ^_^

Here's Synchro.EXE!!! All hail the almighty power of Synchro!!! (Synchro's Note: I don't think so you spoon!!! -_-; )

Beware the evil that is Knouge! Another pic that was done by Synchro ^_^ She has such a twisted mind ^_^

Well one day Synchro drew a dragon and was asking people what color schemes she should use. This one is what I suggested ^_^ Ain't it pretty?

Here's a pic of Espio that Synchro did ^_^

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