Random Chat
Synchro: What are we going to talk about tonight Bra- er Kamui?
Kamui: You try and call me that again and I hurt you....
Synchro: You already know where I live...
Kamui: That's true.... ::glomps Synchro::
Synchro: ..... Oh my... Seriously though, what are we going to be talking about?
Kamui: I don't know.... This is the Random Chat page.... Umm... KIWI!!!
Synchro: I love kiwi!
::Hellmaster walks in as Synchro leaves::
Hellmaster: *Shrugs*
Kamui: Heyo Hellmaster!
Hellmaster: ............
Hellmaster: .... Chibi-Kawaii! ^_^
Kamui: So where exactly did you go?
Hellmaster: Mervyn's California.... Change that to Hell, I went to hell!
Kamui: .... I'm not changing what's already been typed....
Hellmaster: I always can! *Shakes Fist*
Kamui: *Sweatdrops* Yeah.... *Drinks some root beer*
Hellmaster: *Causes a bar fight*
Kamui: *Wonders how this is possible when we're at a pizza resaraunt*
Hellmaster: *Points to the wine* Answer your question?
Kamui: No.... because if that was true, then that would make a supermarket a bar.
Hellmaster: But isn't it? ^^;;
Kamui: ..... Can I hurt you now?
Hellmaster: *Points finger at Kamui and says* Fireball
Kamui: *waves hand and casts fire barrier*
Hellmaster: *Looks around while thinking of what to do next*
Kamui: *Thinks of random hippopotomus*
Hellmaster: *Thinks about Chibis*
Kamui: *Wonders when Synchro will get back*
Hellmaster: Next year or so.
Kamui: *Sweatdrops* Yeah.... Uh.... Er.... Ah.... Beware the monkey headed chipmunks!
Kamui: OH! I just figured out what this thing in the bottom left hand corner of the window for Frontpage is.
Hellmaster: I killed a Jabberwocky.
Kamui: ... That's nice.... Anyways.... the thing I'm talking about tells me about how long it's going to take to download my page over a 28.8k connection ^_^
Waiter: *Brings Pizza*
Kamui + Hellmaster: Thank you! ^_^
Hellmaster: *waits for synchro like an eager little puppy*
Kamui: -_-;;
Synchro: *Returns*
Kamui: YAY! She's back! *Gasp* You're not wearing your coat!
Synchro: *Munch munch munch munch*
Hellmaster: *Makes a sound*
Synchro: *Makes a sound in reply to hellmaster*
Synchro: Seriously though, all I've had today is an apple fritter at 7am but that's about it
Hellmaster: I had cheese!
Synchro: How much cheese?
Hellmaster: *Shifty eyes* How much do YOU think?
Kamui: *Glomps Synchro*
Synchro: GAH! Must get napkin on lap! Where's your napkin Kamui?
Kamui: Where's your napkin Hellmaster?
Hellmaster: *Shrugs*
Synchro: (to Kamui) You want any cheese?
Kamui: *Shakes his head*
Synchro: Must eat pizza backwards.
Synchro: Yum! Good pizza ^_^
Kamui: ^_^
Hellmaster: *Raises an eyebrow*
Hellmaster: *Attempts the peoples eyebrow*
Kamui: -_-;;
Synchro: Did I put enough cheese on this? *Points at pizza* Let's put more on ^_^
Hellmaster: Hell needs no reason
Synchro: Hell is reason ^_^
Synchro: I put green onions in my 7-up. They're called Scallions! Everyone should eat their pizza backwards!
Kamui: *Stares at synchro*
Synchro: My names not capitalized *Points at computer screen*
Synchro: "Names" Is supposed to be a contraction.
Kamui: Contract this *Smacks synchro*
Synchro: OW! And my name's not capitalised again either!
Synchro: you spelled capitalized wrong.
Kamui: ........................................................
Hellmaster: Wh333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333!
<N00B> *Dies*
Synchro: You still haven't capitalised "you" but you gave be the right contraction of names! ^_^
Synchro: That's Conjunction, not contraction
Kamui: *Shoves a contraction up synchro's hiney*
Synchro: You didn't capitalize synchro again!
Hellmaster: I didn't kill the newbie! I just severely Tortured him! ^_^
Synchro: Why'd you capitalize torture?
Kamui: *Eyetwitches and takes a bite of pizza*
Synchro: Kamui, Eat your Pizza!
Synchro: Why are you capitalizing so many things?
Synchro: are you doing this just to peeve me now?
Kamui: ^_^
Hellmaster: *Kills another Newbie*
Synchro: *Eyetwitches*
Kamui: *Eats more pizza*
Synchro: I wanna type!
Kamui: *Glares*
Synchro: So you can eat pizza!
Kamui: .... *Hands laptop over to synchro*
Synchro: Hmmm... This seems really ridiculous right now... but funny. Later I'm sure people will just be looking at it and scratching their heads.  Yep, we're nutz.
Hellmaster: **Whistles to 'The Beer Song' by Weird Al**
Kamui: Don't forget to say something about the waiter.
Hellmaster: **orders Synchro to sing 'Simple and Clean'**
Synchro: That, errr, you think the waiter's cute?
Kamui: ...... **DEATH GLARE**
Hellmaster: **laughs with Synchro, ebilly**
Kamui: **hangs his head** Yes...
Synchro: Meta would be so distraught...
Synchro: **steals a pepperoni and EATS IT!** :D
Kamui: **Smacks Synchro for correcting typos**
Hellmaster: **Smacks Kamui for smacking Synchro**
Synchro: OW! ;_;
Kamui: Stop, I might get to like it... ^_^
Hellmaster: **face palms**
Kamui: **Wonders if Synchro needs her ears cleaned out**
Synchro: So what if I thought Hellmaster said 'baseballs' instead of 'face palms'...?
Waiter: Having a good night?
Synchro: Yep, killing newbies.
Waiter: ... Huh?
Kamui: **horribly confuses the waiter**
Hellmaster: **Wields the key blade**
Synchro: I dislike this keyboard...
Kamui: You said hate, not dislike.
Synchro: I'm revising through artist voice?
Kamui: Oh, so you'll go back and correct typos, but you wont go back and correct your OWN mistakes?
Synchro: Hai. Chibodee chibodee chibodee!
Kamui: Chibodee!
Hellmaster: Chibi! XD
Synchro: Chibodee Crocket! Wow, it thinks I spelled it right!
Hellmaster: What?
Synchro: Crocket.
Hellmaster: **Turns into Chibodee and starts running around yelling, "Yip yip yip yip yip!"**
Synchro: This is what we call 'breaking reality'.
Kamui: Synchro, NO correcting typos.
Synchro: You look weird saying that seeing as how I'm not leaving any typos. :D
Hellmaster: **Jumps on Synchro's head** Yip yip yip yip yip! XD
Kamui: **Takes back laptop**
**epic battles ensues!**
Kamui: **Is the fictor of the battles!**
Synchro: Kamui is da winner!
Hellmaster: *Wonders why everyone is staring at us*
Synchro: Yip yip yip yup yopp ypi yip
Synchro: Ok, that's why I correct the typos!
Kamui: that's besides the point
Synchro: You didn't capitalize that
Kamui: ....... *Pokes Synchro*
Synchro: *Dies*
Hellmaster: *Turns into a werewolf*
** Hellmaster is now known as Werewolf-Hellmaster
Kamui: *Looks at the time* GASP! We need to get going if we're ging to go over to Hellmasters!
ALL: See ya laters!
**End of Chat**

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