The Characters of Chaos Shatter

Name: Synchro
Race: Reploid
Model Type: Scout
Height: 5'8"
Synchro has been around for a long time. Even though she isn’t a fan of combat, she’s dedicated herself to the case of eradicating Mavericks. Her first preference was to be a Maverick Hunter, which for a notable span of decades she was a recognized member of. With the disbanding of that organization though, she found herself as a sort of drifter. Some might consider her a mercenary, aside from the fact that she tends to scorn contracts and only targets Mavericks or lawbreakers.
Logic and reasoning are generally things she likes to employ in day to day living and interaction, which is why her ‘partner’ (FrictioBurn) has the innate ability to drive her up the wall. Just why they stick together, no one can really say, but Sync does value Fric as a friend. Plagued by insecurity, she values her friends more then anything else. She considers her best friend to be Alex, who (due to past circumstances) had code inadvertently and irreparably crossed with hers to form a seemingly ever-present yet short-range link between them.

Name: Friction Burn
Race: Reploid
Model Type: Speed
Height: 6'0"
Many wonder what drugs FrictionBurn's on and where they can get some. With her care free and often violently random attitude, uneven paint job, two toned hair, and utter lack of tact in most any circumstance, she doesn’t fit into most social circles. Though, despite her pro-violence and reckless style, she does seem to have some interest is fighting for the common good. Usually when she feels there’s something for her to gain from it.
The two people she seems relatively inclined to listen to are Alex and Synchro, but she’s always more prone to do what she wants rather then what anyone else might suggest, unless there’s a dire need to take any orders.
Some have puzzled over her general behavior and beliefs, but generally end up staggering off with a headache. In some situations it would seem that whatever happens to pop into her head will be carried out, no matter how inconvenient or illegal it may be.

Name: Alex (AKA - DarkAngel)
Race: Cyborg (?)
Model Type: Combat
Height: 6' 0"
Alex is just a normal guy with a normal life... aside from being a high ranking mercenary and having more weaponry in his basement then some third world countries posses. He generally spends time alone because he’s convinced that anyone who comes in contact with him will either be killed or used to get at him, but even so the value he places on friends is immense. That reason alone is probably why he’s allowed Fric and Sync to reside at his house, without announcement, on numerous occasions. Other then the transient roomies, Alex lives with his disturbingly intelligent cat, Kelly.
What he normally wears are casual clothes, but when the need arises he can generate armor and weaponry similar to a reploids’. This comes as a surprise to many, due to the fact that he looks identical to a human while most reploids are easily identified as such. He enjoys the discreetness these guises can mange for him, and just tries to work towards ‘the greater good’. Alex feels a special affinity for Synchro who (due to past circumstances) had code inadvertently and irreparably crossed with his to form a seemingly ever-present yet short-range link between them.

Name: Blaze
Race: Reploid
Model Type: Speed
Height: 5'7"
Blaze is a very odd sort of persona. No matter what goes on around her, she seems to have the ability to keep a calm composure. A smirk is nearly always crossing her features, she loves to tease those around her in jest, and she holds virtually little to no remorse for any actions she may take. To her, life is literally a game, and there is a specific way it should be played. When she is not in the right situation to play it, she is not happy. When she sees an opportunity to set things how she wants, she will attempt to do so with a horrifically frightening determination and verve.

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