Chaos Shatter

Filler (Posted May 30th 2004)

Synchro's Comment:

Yea, I'm not dead, probably. I've just been practicing! ...And being incredibly lazy. But-! I'll try and get back into the swing of things... probably... if I can figure out where I put all my pencils... and if my cat will give me the free lap time to draw stuff... and there's going to be someone really special visiting in about a week, so I wont be up to much drawing stuff then I would surmise.... ... ... or heck, like I ever had an update schedule before. ^^;

Kamui's Comment:

Yes Rachel... It's still here.... It's been collecting dust and stuffs like that but it's still here... *lifts up a rock and a large grouping of bugs flee from underneath it and crawl all over Kamui eating him alive* AUGH! IT BURNS!

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