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Ok, this section is for observations about video games that either myself or other people have made. I don't know how big this section will get but eh... Who knows ^^;;

Chrono Trigger:

Observation #1: The era of time labeled "The End of Time" is incorrectly labeled because theoretically, the end of time is the ceasation of exsistance. I think this because if time can no longer move forward then exsistance would no longer be able to move.... Or something like that... I made this observation better in a PM to somebody over IRC the other night ^^;;

Possible solution to #1: It is not in fact the end of time but some sort of pocket that exsists outside of time

Observation #2: How is it possible for a rag-tag team of heroes to survive the full force of Lavos's world destroying attack when a whole world was unable to defend against it? *thanks to Neko-san*

Possible solution to #2: RPG MAGIC! Like movie magic, only better! *thanks to my brother* (note that this will probably be the only one with an answer that doesn't have anything to do with known facts about the game ^^;;)

Observation #3: If they knew of the exsistance of Lavos beforehand, why didn't they do anything to stop him from destroying the world? *thanks to Neko-san*

Possible solution to #3: Lavos dissapeared in the year 600 and after 1399 years it's possible that most people would write off lavos's exsistance as myth, or that he's just not going to come back.

Observation #4: Why did Lavos Choose the year 1999 to attack as opposed to other time periods? *thanks to Neko-san*

Possible solution to #4 #1: Humankind had advanced a lot between the year 600 and 1999 and lavos began to fear that humans would leave the planet and possibly warn other worlds of his exsistance and arm them against him. *thanks to Neko-san*

Possible solution to #4 #2: Lavos thought "HARVEST TIME!" *thanks to my brother*

Ghost in the Shell:

Observation #1: How is it possible to be upside down hanging under the overhang of a building by the forefoot and seem like you're upright? (If you don't understand please take a look at this pic)

Metal Gear Solid

Observation #1: Why do the bad guys leave a box that's not supposed to be there alone? *Thanks to Synchro*

Observation #2: If you raise an alarm and then hide for a relatively short amount of time, the alarm is called off. *Thanks to Synchro*

Observation #3: Why don't they increase security where you're last seen? *Thanks to Synchro*

Observation #4: Why do the bad guys have such terrible aim? *Thanks to Synchro*

Possible solution to Observation #4: The evil miscreant responsible for training the officers was horribly understaffed and underfunded. *thanks to my brother Note: not based on actual fact*

Mystic Heroes:

Observation #1: Why is it that all four of the heroes can use magic but when you play through as one of them the others do not use any magic? *thanks to my other brother*

Observation #2: Why are all the men/women/etc on your side wimps and/or stupid?

Street Fighter

Observation #1: Why is it that in each game, they (specifically Ryu) meet M. Bison for the first time? *thanks to my brother*

Star Ocean: The Second Story:

Observation #1: Why is it takes multiple tries to identify items that I have several of in my inventory?

Observation #2: Why, oh why does it take multiple tries to identify a rock that you could find anywhere?

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Observation #1: Ok, in the desert area where you're supposed to infiltrate the base of the theives peoples... Where the bridge is, I leave Epona on one side of the broken bridge... I go to the other side, play Epona's song and suddenly Epona comes as if she were coming from the theives place.... O.o

Well... that's all I can think of/remember right now.... I'll add more as I remember/get informed of them ^_^

Note: I will not accept observations/queries about why none of the final fantasy games are directly connected.

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