Ok... I'm putting this page up because I'm trying to teach myself pure html... it would be easier if I just bought a guide or something like that but oh well ^^;;

Anyways, I like kiwis ^_^ Hmm.... I don't really know everything that I need to know but here you can see how I'm doing ^_^

Hopefully I don't suck too badly at this ^^;;

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Yes this is supposed to be crappy artwork... especially when I save it as a jpg when it should be a gif ^^;;

Now... let's see... Uh... er.... I've done font size... Images... Links.... BACKGROUND AND TEXT COLOR!

He he he he he ^_^ Now let's see how this looks ^_^

artichokes are yummy ^_^ (But Kiwis are the best)

Ok... Uh... I wanted to add more to this now but I can't think of what to do... Oh well.... I guess I'll do random stuff instead ^_^

Well... Since I couldn't decide on what do do I just added another pic to this page ^_^

Er..... I need to go look for an HTML guide ^^;;