My Sprite Page ^_^

Welcome to my sprite page ^_^ Now I have a black background Ooooooooooooo..... Special!! ^_^

Anyways, here's my first custom sprite: Kiwi Bomb Man!!!! (as I said on the main page, please do not use the custom sprites without asking me or the proper owner of the sprite. ^_^)

Here's the regular Bomb Man (TM) sheet that this sprite was based on (and as soon as I can remember where I got this sprite sheet I'll add a link to the links page ^_^):

Here's a sprite that I edited ^_^ Yay ^_^ Ask me before you use this sprite!

Here's one by someone I know. He goes by the name of Figaro Mage Please ask him before using his sprites, You can IM on Aol Instant Messenger His screen name is Figaro Mage ^_^ This is his personal sprite ^_^

I really need to remember where I got the sprite sheets so I can give credit due where it belongs ^_^ Anyways here are some sprites that I grabbed myself ^_^

Samurai Showdown 4



Galford and Haomaru

Haomaru and a guy I can't remember the name to at the moment

Metal Slug



Prisoner and male lead of Metal Slug

Eri and Prisoner

YAY! I'm actually putting together a full sprite sheet for a NeoGeo game based character ^_^ (It's not completed but here's what I've got so far ^_^)

Ninja Masters



Sasuke and Kamui

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