Here's some pics that I either think are cool, interesting or were drawn for me:

Here's a pic of Kamui that I drew ^_^ (I did three but I think this is the best of the three):

(Yeah I know it's not very good but still.) ((NOTE: that is not a pentagram on Kamui's chest. That is a hexagram, and yes there is a difference. A pentagram is a star with five points and a hexagram is a star with six points.)) (another note: The symbol on Kamui's chest is not to be interpreted as the star of David, in this case it's used as a magic symbol as you will find it in a lot of anime ^_^)

This is the first draft of Kamui that I did. (I really need to get around to making my own Kamui sprite sheet and putting that comic together. ^^;; But first I need to get somewhere with the current comic ^_^)

This is Umd who was drawn by Guardian ^_^ (Finally more peoples artwork ^_^)

Here's a pic from XAM! It's a character that I'm going to be RPing in a yahoo club as soon as I can get the information all together and post a profile ^^;; Well anyways... The character's Name is Ein (And I forget the last name ^^;;) OH! And if you want to use this pic anywhere please ask XAM.... Umm... I forget what she said her email is right now so just email me and I'll ask her for the moment... but I'll post her email as soon as I remember to ask her what it is ^^;;

Ok... Here's one which is kind of disturbing. Now I think I should have a warning, if you do not like the idea of male robots prancing around in female attire then you should not click this link. Otherwise enjoy ^_^ Click here to see the evil!

Until I get enough fan art to warrent it's own section I'll just put the fan art for Adventures of Algath here. ^_^ And here's the first peice done by Synchro ^_^

Ok, here's a pic I drew... A random character commenting on my lack of ability to draw even a halfway decent background ^^;; And despite what I say in the pic.... I did have to mess with the contrast so that it looked pretty ^^;;

YAY! Another peice of fanart for Adventures of Algath! Again from Synchro! Don't you love her work? Isn't she great? Let's all spam her email with messages of how great her artwork is :P (She hates it when people praise her art XP)

Heee ^_^ Here's a pic that I drew for Sync! It's all neat! I started it trying to draw a chocobo abut got stuck just after the beak so I turned it in to this bird ^_^ (And I draw slimes all cute like ^_^)

Buwahahahaha! I was just sitting down one anime night and this guy decides to draw a cat version of me... And, being the crazy person I am, got sync to scan it and post it up on the this here art page ^_^ Wheeee ^_^

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