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April 16th 2006
Wheee! New update after... Longer than it should be.. but anyways... Uh... I decided to give up on the continuity stories for now and see how I fare with the "What I feel like at the time" Hand drawn comics ^_^ Don't know how much more successful I'll be comparitively but who knows ^^;; Anyways.. Any feedback or stuff is appreciated ^_^

Other Updates

December 25th
*sigh* I'm really bad with these updates... but y'know.. since I get no mail from anyone regarding this comic/site/whatever... It's hard to make sure I keep up with it... *sigh* Ah well.. Happy *insert your holida of choice here*.

October 31st
Wow... first update in about... er... two months... Eh... And it's the halloween update... even though I didn't do anything halloween-ish for the update ^^;; Ah well... Sorry for the delay in the attempt to update... Still haven't done much about the updating of Algath.. I just haven't been able to get into the right mood.. but then again.. I haven't gotten any email about it so I wonder if it's even worth it to rework it... I mean... seriously... I don't get any email... or if I am getting email about it, it's horribly mis-labeled so that I mistake it for spam (Please put [Realm of Algath] In the subject if you want to make sure I get any messages). *Sigh* GAH! I'm ranting... Yeah... part of the whole problem is that I'm not updating much if at all and when I do update it's crap... but... Yeah... even when I did update on a semi-regular basis people didn't seem to care much... and I need to get a hit counter for the main page so that I can actually tell how many site hits I get... Ah well... I guess I'll stop ranting for now... Laters ^_^

This update was supposed to go up before I went to bed sunday night but I had some problems logging into the FTP... Not sure where the problem actually was but meh... It prevented me from uploading the update.. sorry ^^;;

August 31st
Wheeee!! New update! And another comic... A sprite one but still... *thinks that perhaps he can make some custom sprites and do some random Algath sprite comics...* I'll have to look into that, in the meantime I should get back to work on the outlines and stuff for the hand drawn comic (or computer drawn... whatever.. i'll probably be using the Tablet to draw the comic for the most part...). Gah... I want to say more but my brain keeps drawing blanks... Ah well...

August 24th 2005
Ok.. It's been.... I don't know how long since the last update... but meh... At least I have an update ^^;; OH! I opened a myspace account if anyone wants to take a gander at it this addy. Well... I had more I wanted to say here but I can't remember what any of it was.... Ah well.... *hugs all* OH! I've been doing some work on the rewrite of Algath... Not much... but I do have some of the outlines finished... (For the most part..) Now I just need to work out some of the layouts and comics and stuffs. ^_^

July 3rd 2005
Ok! News on the status of the comic.. Algath will be continueing(SP?) however I have decided that I'm just going to scrap the current continuity and start over.. Now this may cause.... well... Hopefully someone will be angered by this.... Anyways.... I just didn't put enough thought into it before but I am currently reworking the story and stuffs so that it's not just simply a "come up with it as I go along" comic.... Ah well.. Hopefully it doesn't take me too long to get everything worked out.... Laters ^_^

June 12th 2005
Ok... I've done what I should have done awhile ago... I'm putting algath on hiatus until I actually get some planning behind it... in the meantime I'll try to do some sprite comics or maybe throw together a random drawn comic or something to do in the meantime.. I'm not going to altogether stop the updates... as far apart as they may be... but meh.. whatever :P Ah well... Laters ^_^

May 24th 2005
Ok... I think I'm convinced that nobody reads the comic.... I apparently forgot to update one of the files properly and it didn't have the proper comic displayed... So basically last update, I goofed and nobody got to see the new comic... And I didn't receive any email or anything letting me know I goofed... It's things like that which make me wonder if I should even bother with this... I don't expect to be well known or anything... just some response letting people know that they're reading... *sigh* And I was even in the proper mood to draw something tonight... Damn... I'm making myself depressed... ah well...

May 7th 2005
Wheee! New comic! I got a Tablet and now I can draw comics straight into the computer... now I don't have as much of an excuse to not update... Other than pure lazyness... but that seems to be a common affliction amongst Webcomic artists >_>;; Ah well... Hopefully I'll be able to keep regular updates....And w007! April is the first month in which I've gotten over 10,000 total hits on my site! (Well.. according to the site statistics available via the Main Site In fact, I've got 14,300 hits. Though.. I still say it's rather annoying that when I don't make as many updates I get more hits than when I make semi-regular updates... Ah well... (I really need to get a main page counter... or something like that)

April 19th 2005
Man.... I had inteded to do an update back on the 22nd of march... but I kinda got side-tracked then forgot and yeah..... Though one thing that's kind of scary is that, months where I have little to no site updates... I seem to get more hits than when I make updates... Does this make sense to anyone? It kind of discourages me from wanting to make updates... even though I'd feel like a total butt.... or something... I also get no email for the site... or at least.. if I am, nobody is labeling it as such and I dump it in the trash thinking it's spam.... *sigh* I've also been a tad depressed lately... various things that have been happening.... I don't know.... GAH! What am I DOING?!?!? This isn't an LJ... or some other blog... well... technically it is... but... meh.. whatever... I think I'm going to shut up now >_>;;

March 18th 2005
Wheee! Another update! Not much to say or to add for this update... just a new comic.... but I did get a deviantart account! I've been posting some stuffs up over there. If you want to check it out take a looksee here. Synchro also got an account over there and if you want to see some more of her work you can either find the link under the users watching my work or you can click here.

March 2nd 2005
Wheeee! A new update with a new algath comic! And this time it's actual story! ^_^ Uh... In other news I got hit by a car last night... I'm ok... just in a little bit of pain ^^;; Ah well... I'll be ok ^_^ Laters ^_^

February 26th 2005
OMG! Is it possible? Can it be true? YES IT IS! I HAVE FINALLY UPDATED ADVENTURES OF ALGATH! (Well.. Kinda...) Yes.. it's mouse drawn.. and worse... it's Laptop touchpad drawn >_>;; I wanted to update and I was quite frankly getting tired of doing sprite comics that have no point whatsoever... but... then... you might be wondering... "Isn't this the same thing except you're drawing it with a mouse instead of spriting?" Well.. yeah... but... I actually plan on trying to get back on track with the story.. I just wanted to do a reintroduction comic.. or something like that... Anyways... I'll be working on stuffs for it and hopefully I'll have that be the regular updated comic instead of the sprite stuff.. but I'll leave the sprite stuffs for when I can't get to drawing a comic before the time I want to update... Uh... Yeah... I'm typing this when I'm half asleep so I apologize if it doesn't make much/any sense ^^;; Ah well... That's all for now... Laters ^_^

February 8th 2004
Well... There weren't any donations toward the laptop warranty cause... Ah well... It managed to work out anyways. It makes me a bit dissapointed though... Ah well... Not really suprised considering I don't even get any email from people about the site... And the most amount of hits I've gotten in a month is nearly 4000.... *sigh* Ah well.... That's all I have to say for now... laters....

January 30th 2005
Okie dokie... No donations as of yet... well... I wasn't really expecting anything anyways.... Ah well... Hopefully something will happen... I really want to get the extended warranty on my laptop... *generally doesn't have the money to be spending on Computer upkeep* Ah well... That's it for this update

January 26th 2005
Okie dokie, no donations yet but meh... I don't really expect any help.... I don't have enough of a following... Ah well... On the plus side... If I can get my Tax return back in time I should be able to take care of the warranty... Though even if I get it out tomorrow I may not be able to get it... but I'll be keeping an eye on my accounts to see what I'll end up doing. Ah well... Laters ^_^

January 23rd 2005
Ok... I didn't want to do this but there's not much time and it doesn't seem like I'll be able to do it by myself. So... I call out to the people who visit this site! I want to get the extended warranty on my new laptop and well... It's going to cost about $269 (including tax) and all I have definitely set aside for it is about $17-18.... I'll continue trying to get the money on my own but if you can help out (even a little bit) it'll be much appreciated. I got the new laptop as an exchange on the old laptop with the old warranty because they were taking too long to fix it... and I was told that if I came back within 30 days I could get the warranty... Unfortunately since Paypal usually takes a few days to transfer funds to my bank account, I will only be having this fund/raiser type thingie up till the first... yeah.. I know it's only a little over a week.. but... *sigh* I hope it all works out. I haven't got anything definitive set up as a prize/reward thingie but I'll try to work on something. I'll also keep everyone posted on updates about how much I have been able to get together for the warranty. Anyways, thank you in advance for any help! ^_^

January 20th 2005
Wheeeee! Another update.... And..... Uh... Can't think of what to type.... ah well.... at least I'm updating... I just need to do something to get back into it... I mean.... I like updating... but... I don't really do much... Ah well.. *wants to eventually make a new layout... but sucks at computer art and... yeah... Anyways...* I think I'm going to stop typing now.. I'm rambling ^^;;

January 17th 2005
Yay! Another update after more than a month.... Uh... Sorry for the lateness... Ah well... And I was wanting to put up a big update but I really don't have much to put up... Ah well.. if I can at least get regular uppdates taken care of... It'll all be good ^_^ Anyways... Laters!

November 6th 2004
Wheeeeee! An update! And I'm actually updating with more than one comic.... True they're all sprite comics but... At least I'm updating.... Ah well..... First of 3 comics Can't really think of anything else to put up now... Ah well.... *hugs all*

October 28th 2004
Oh so much fun.... I really am starting to hate this.... we get into a place... we get settled in... and then we find out that we may have to move..... Again.... It's not set in stone that we'll have to.... but there is a chance that would could end up having to move again... this will be the 3rd-4th time we've had to move if it turns out that we actually have to move... pretty much the owner of this place found another place they want to buy but to get that place they have to sell this place... and... well... we don't know if the new people will actually want to do a rent setup.... I'm not very happy about this.... I think I'm just going to shut up and not say anything else for now.... I'm tired... I'm cranky... and I don't want to have to move again...

October 16th 2004
Ah.. Another update... and I actually have more than just a comic! I added a pic to the Pictures section... and I also put up a more complex comic than I usually deal with :P (IE I used backgrounds... Not just simple colors :P) Anyways... I decided to repost this link in my news section since there doesn't seem to be many signatures on it yet: Playonline/Final Fantasy XI Problems Pettition Ah well... That's all I can think of to put for now so.... Laters ^_^

October 9th 2004
Hmmm.... Yet another update and this time it's actually within a week of the last update.... Ah well... Here ya go another comic and... well... that's actually it for now... Ah well.... I really should expand on my site so that I can update more stuff on a fairly consistant basis.... Ah well.... I'll have to think on that and try to figure it out... Ah well... (I say that way too much...) I guess that's all I have to say for now! Laters ^_^

October 6th 2004
Oh my goodness.... It's been more than a month since my last update.... I'm really sorry peoples ^^;;; I didn't mean to leave the update for so long.... I had to do a reset to factory defaults on my laptop and the back up I had of my website was a few months out of date ^^;; ah well... At least now I've got it all back together and can update again ^_^ Hmm..... Wish I had done more for the update but meh... at least you're getting one ^^;; Ah well..... In other news I got FFXI ^^;; It's a good game however there are some things that I disagree with but will put up with about their business practices.... First thing: If for whatever reason you unsubscribe your play-online account, and leave it in that state for more than 3 months, your account becomes deactivated... Or more accurately you can't get it back... and the way they have it set up is that you can't use the same Registration code for the game that you used with the previous account... thus making it so that you have to go out and purchase a new copy of the game... sucks don't it? Second is that a friend of mine who's had to deal with this tried to contact tech support about it and was basically told to "f*ck off" (Though without using those words). Ah well.... Here's the link to a pettition to try to get these things changed: Playonline/Final Fantasy XI Problems Pettition Please, at least take a look at it. Even if you don't have the game, at least take a look at it. Ah well... that's all I have to say for now.... Laters peoples ^_^

August 20th 2004
Bwahaha! Another update! And in this update I decided to go back and start coloring the Algath comics! I've posted the first two comics (Even though the second one was already colored ^^;;) and they've also got new commentary ^_^ I also decided that the Tagboard was rather troublesome.... It's giving pop-ups... I don't like those.... I also decided to move the news post to the top of the page so that people can tell right off when the last time the site's been updated without having to scroll all the way down :P Anyways... that's all for now ^_^

August 13th 2004
Ah... Friday the 13th... What a lovely day to make an update... Kiwi? Maybe I should have done something about Friday the 13th for the comic... ah well... Comic is made and I don't feel like going back and remaking it... *sigh* AH well... Laters...

August 5th 2004
Ok... another update.. it's been a bit since the last one... but at least I'm updating! WHEEEE ^_^ Well... I don't have much to say here... ah well... Laters ^_^

July 22nd 2004
WAI! Updating in a relatively short period of time.... Uh... Kiwi? *sigh* I'm tired... I need to go to bed earlier... ah well.. When in doubt, I've got Bawls! XP Anyways... Laters ^_^

July 20th 2004
WAI! Another update... and I'm managing to get them on a semi-regular basis... Don't know how long I'm going to keep this up but meh... ah well... Anyways... I added a link to Syncs site: Something Pretty Darn Crazy Gaze in awe in the glory that is synchro! I also did a little tinkering, updated the Bios pages and put up a new entrance image for Syncs site ^_^ Ah well.. That's all I have to say for now... Laters ^_^

July 18th 2004
Ah... Another update with only a sprite comic... ah well... at least this time it didn't take me as long to make an update and I also am updating with something as opposed to a certain femaleish reploid I could mention *eyes Synchro and then is immediately shot* NO PLEASE! DON'T HURT ME SYNCHRO! AUGH! *dies*

July 16th 2004
I really suck at updating.. ah well... I have been working a lot recently and have been trying to get the whole situation about my phone and dsl taken care of... man.. I hate a lot of things that have been happening recently.. ah well...

July 8th 2004
Ah.. Another day another update... now if only I could keep up some sort of schedual.... *doesn't update enough* ;_; ah well.... That's all I have for now, Laters ^_^

July 1st 2004
WAI! An update... I need to do that more often... anyways.... *prances around* anyways... Uh... Can't think of much to say here other than that I'm starting the "Anything Goes Comics" Segment of NeoGeo World.... Go take a looksee! Other than that... Laters ^_^

May 30th 2004
WAI! BIIIIIIG! UPDATE! (Well.. kinda...) For today's update I've converted the Neogeoworld Archives into PHP format! I've also converted the archives for Synchro's Comic "Chaos Shatter" and she has a new comic up! ^_^ (I should have put a comic up but at the time of typing this it's all I can do to keep awake ^^;; I'll try my best to have a comic for next update :P)

May 23rd 2004
WAI! Another update! And this time with a comic! Synchro found a peice of clear plastic and using it instead of taping the comics and stuffs to the lid actually makes it work :P WAI! And 16 more days until a friend comes to visit! WAI! ^_^ *glomps all* Well... That's all I've got to say in this news rant.... Laters ^_^

May 19th 2004
Ok... It's been too long without an update.... so I figured I'd update even if all I have to show for it is the new format for my archives ^_^ It's all pretty and PHP like! ^_^ It took me awhile to figure out that... (Many thanks for your help beyonder! ^_^) Actually... I got lots of help with it... ah well :P Anyways... Uh.. I MIGHT have a comic up sometime... I've been making attempts at coloring! (None of said attempts were on a computer but meh... My computer coloring skills suck.... Ah well..) If I can get my hands on a scanner that actually works I'll put one up... Anyways... Laters ^_^

April 16th 2004
WOW! An update that's actually on the day I'm supposed to update! ALL REJOICE! *much celebration* WHEEEE ^_^ Though one small problem... I really need to get a new scanner so I can just scan the comics myself... I hope I can find a cheap one that's not a complete peice of crap.... Either that or I could just set money aside and get it that way... or I can just do what I did last time I needed a scanner and hijack Tak's scanner ^_^ Ah well... I need to draw some more comics.... Laters ^_^

April 10th 2004
Ah... Another update day... Uh.... I need to try to gather up stuff to update with... I also need to get a new scanner because of problems that I've mentioned before.... (Darn scanner not wanting to work properly... ah well) Anyways.... Uh... Laters ^_^

April 6th 2004
Ok.... I'm really late with this update.... Ah well... But to make up for it... (Kinda...) I've posted two comics! (You'll have to go back one page to see the previous one but meh... whatever :P) I've added a new pic to the Pictures section ^_^ YAY! It's a pic that I drew for Sync :P It's all nifty like ^_^ And to the lovely person who left the message "I've seen better" In the tagboard... If you really feel that way it would be more helpful to me as the artist of this webcomic, if you would email me with constructive criticism(SP?). I mean... "I've seen better" will not help me much in bettering my art skills. It will only enrage me and will most likely not help much... On the other hand, I assume that you're one of those types of people who don't have much time on their hands and as such can't be bothered with doing something useful... Ah well... I'm done ranting for now... Laters ^_^

March 27th 2004
I really need to stop procrastinating so much.... Maybe then I could actually do something useful with this site... Ah well... I'll have to work on that....

March 20th 2004
GAH! I had fully intended to have an update up yesterday but I completely forgot.... I sowwie ;_; *begs with the readership not to fling kiwis at him till he dies*

March 12th 2004
Ok.... I'm late with updating yet again... Man... I'm only updating once a week and I STILL can't keep up ;_; I'm pathetic... ah well... It all works out in the end right? Laters ^_^

March 8th 2004
Hmm.... There's not much to say other than sorry for the lateness of the update ;_; *hugs all* Ah well.. I really was busy most of the weekend... Friday night I ended up staying over at synchro's house, saturday I spent most of the day with Sync, tak, MCV and Furi. By the time I remembered about the update I was already in bed and not wanting to get up again... Ah well... At least I got it up... Laters ^_^

February 28th 2004
Ok... I'm really lame... I was going to have the update up yesterday but ended up forgetting because a friend was over and me and him chatted with my mom and my younger brother till about 1:30am and well.. I forgot ^^;; Well.. I have the update up today.. And if I do switch to a once a week update schedual... I'll be putting more effort into the comics ^_^ That way it's worth the wait ^_^ Or something like that... Or at least that's what I've got planned.. I don't know how well it's going to work out thus far.. ah well.. That's enough ranting/newsposting for now... Laters ^_^

February 20th 2004
I really need to start keeping up with my update schedual... Maybe I should just drop it down to once a week for awhile.. I don't know... I'll debate it with myself for now so... Uh... Kiwi? ^^;;

February 13th 2004
Ok... I've been neglecting updates... First... There was more scanner problems... then there was lazyness and forgetting in general.... Hmm... I really need to update more consistantly if not more often....

January 27th 2004
Ok, just as I left room for me to do, I did an update today instead of yesterday... Oh well... I'm at least updating on a semi-regular basis ^^;;

January 25th 2004
Wahoo... More update! Kiwi! Turtle monkey doodle head with a dash of pistachio sauce! Me needs to fly fly to the bed of the sky in the dreams of monkeyland.... (Translation: I need sleep.)

January 24th 2004
Wahoo! Yet another update! Uh... Dammit... I really shouldn't wait until the middle of the night to do these updates... I can't think of anything to put here... Oh well... Enjoy ^_^

January 23rd 2004
Another day another update! Still just comics but hey! At least I'm giving something new every day ^_^ Anyways... Some might notice that I changed file format for the comics... gifs are ok for sprites and stuff but unless I have a prog that can correctly save gifs then.... Well... they look like crud... Ah well... *Needs to find a free paint prog with good converting stuffs... or needs to save up for Photoshop...* Ah well.. I'll worry about it later! Laters ^_^

January 22nd 2004
Ok! Another update! KIWI! Hmm... I should probably update the Character bio page... Ah well.. I'll worry about it later *drools over Grandia*

January 21st 2004
Ok, I got an update today! Sorry about the lack of updating over the past week... But I'll try to keep a more regular schedual ^_^ (I just need to decide what that schedual will be ^^;;) anyways, laters ^_^

January 12th 2004
Ok... Now it's again for an update.... Uh... I haven't been thinking much on comic stuff recently because I got my PS2 fixed and have been playing games more ^^;; Uh.. I'll do better! ^_^

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