Something Pretty Darn Crazy Synchro's site! I finally have a link to it... She's going to be so happy ^^;;

: A sprite based Mega Man comic that is really funny.

: A funny hand drawn comic about a gay couple, their friends and the evil landlady from hell (Unfortunately the comic has come to an end.. but last I checked the archives are being left up for those who haven't read it yet)

: Another sprite based comic except it's on The first final fantasy game

: A funny hand drawn comic series that basically picks on a lot of things that are done in a lot of Rpgs

: another funny hand drawn comic about a web designer his friends and his grouchy mini-lop named Bun-Bun who has a switch-blade and a Glock

: This is the link to Figaro's website where he has his own sprite comic ^_^

mIRC: A pretty good chat program ^_^

: This is Pez-Mans website! See his comics! Post on the forum! VISIT THIS SITE ^_^

: Another sprite comic! (I'm a bit of a fan of sprite comics ^_^) This one is done by Terrahawke ^_^ (She has a few other online names but this is the one that I met her through ^_^)

Zero in Pokeworld: A site that isn't going anywhere at the moment but I'm sure Synchro will start working with it as soon as she can... (there's a blatant lie if I ever heard one ^^;;) ^^;;

Finale Force: A sprite comic done by Govic! It's about a Jedi who falls into a plothole and gets lost!

: A comic about a girl named Tracy who lives up on an island in canada. Hasn't updated in a while last I checked but it's still a pretty good comic to look at none-the-less

: Here's yet another Sprite comic ^_^ This time it's done by MetaSyke ^_^ Hope you guys like his comic ^_^

Megatokyo: An excellent Manga style comic that follows the escapades of Piro and Largo on a trip to Japan ^_^

: And yet another Sprite comic ^_^ This time by Zornak ^_^

Visit Newgrounds! A site that has a lot of flash animations :P

Here's a site that has tips on making comic books and has a bunch of free fonts you can use for non-profit projects ^_^

Hmmmm.... Is there any others.... I'll add them later if I remember....

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