Adventures of Algath: Meet the Characters!

Here's where I introduce the characters of Adventures of Algath! Enjoy ^_^

A young man who for some reason is chosen by the Armless fairy of destiny to be a hero... theres not much too him and it's a mystery why he was chosen ^^;

The Mushroom Farmer:
The nephew of The armless fairy of destiny... He's a mushroom person who farms for mushrooms and for some reason wants to take over the world.... Weird guy if you ask me ^^;;

Mana: The Armless Fairy of Destiny
One of the three fairies who are chosen to represent the powers of the world, Destiny, Wisdom, and strength. She ended up pissing off her superior, the slime who is ruler of the land of Faria, and has been demoted to bonded fairy... And her bond mate is Algath... the one person that she hates more than anyone else in the comic.... Why you may ask? Uh.... *runs and hides*

King Slime
The ruler of the Fairy Kingdom of Faria, he is the king... Uh... He also is one slime you do NOT want to piss off ^^;;

The Evil Bad Guy
All that's been seen of him is his foot so far and he's after Algath... Why? I haven't thought up anything to do with him other than have him be the evil bad guy ^^;;
Squeaky Mouse of Doom
Along with the evil bad guy, Squeaky hasn't been in the comic much... He needs to appear more because he's supposed to be keeping an eye on Algath and the others.... Oh well... I'll worry about that later ^^;;

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